Fire on Sawmill Road Leads to More Questions

WARNING:  This video contains graphic language and video content.  Viewer discretion advised.

No injuries reported at the scene of a fire today at 158 Sawmill Road.  It was reported by a bystander that the individual occupying the house was also the person occupying the house that burnt last year on the same lot.  The State Fire Marshall's office has been contacted, but is out of the office through the weekend.

(04-20-2014) News

House Fire on Sawmill Road

There has a been a report of a house fire at 158 Sawmill Road.  First responders are on the scene and reporting the home is fully engulfed.  Everyone was out of the house upon arrival. 

More details to follow.

(04-15-2014) News

KYTC Minute

When the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet builds a road, the environment is one of many things we consider. Environmental considerations include the water flow in the area.
The Kentucky Engineering Exposure Network -- more commonly known as KEEN -- has a hands-on activity, which helps students learn more about watersheds. It's called the Enviroscape.

(04-15-2014) News

Students create original works in celebration of Governor’s Mansion Centennial

Winner for Grades 9-12: De’ Sean Ta-Jae’ Isom, Pleasure Ridge Park High, Jefferson County

First Lady Jane Beshear announced the winning entries in the Kentucky Governor’s Mansion Centennial Celebration Visual Art and Essay Contest.  The student winners will be honored at a special reception at the Governor’s Mansion on April 23.
As part of the 100th anniversary celebration of the mansion, public, private and home school students were invited to submit original artworks and/or essays illustrating a specific theme celebrating the mansion’s history.  The winning entries were chosen from among hundreds submitted by students in various age categories.

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Wreck at Exit 29

A tractor trailer was getting off the northbound side of Exit 29, after stopping at the bottom of the ramp he tried to pull across the road to get on the entrance ramp of northbound Natcher Parkway.  When...

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April 13-19 is National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week

During the third week of April, Kentucky State Police telecommunications personnel at Post 16 in Henderson will join more than 200,000 fellow communicators throughout the United States being recognized for their long hours and dedication to public safety.
Often called “the unsung heroes of public safety” or the “first” first responders, since they are usually the first to receive requests for emergency services from the public, they play a vital role in the successful delivery of public safety services to those in need.  Every day, Kentucky residents depend on the skill, expertise and commitment of these special men and women.

(04-09-2014) News

Gov. Beshear Announces New, Creative Energy Project in Glasgow

Gov. Beshear today announced funding to help create an environmentally-friendly methane gas recovery system in the city of Glasgow that will also save taxpayer dollars.  The new system will harness the gas emitted from the Glasgow Regional Landfill and turn it into electricity.  
“This effort is the ultimate recycling project—using science and innovation to literally turn trash in to energy,” said Gov. Beshear.  “Thanks to the vision and creativity of both the public and private partners in this project, the city of Glasgow will have a renewable energy source, save local tax dollars and reduce their carbon footprint on the planet.”

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Kynect Special Enrollment Period Set for April 4-11

Kentuckians who encountered problems, need to select a plan can still enroll

(04-06-2014) News

KYTC urges drivers to consider work zones 'No Phone Zones'

Work Zone Awareness Week is April 7-11

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Set Your Teen Up for Success

Parents want their teenagers to grow into successful adults, but sometimes parents’ definition of success results in additional stress and pressure on their teenage children.
Many parents would like their children to be top in their class, the highest scorer on their college entrance exams in their school or an honor student. Others may have visions of raising a scholarship athlete or accomplished musician. Many teens and their parents feel like they must have a full resume of club leadership accomplishments and organized activity participation to get into their first college choice. Trying to meet these perceived requirements can be draining to both teens and parents.

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Guard Against Phishing in Wake of Heartbleed Bug

With reports of the Heartbleed bug spreading like wildfire, it’s important to stay vigilant against potential scams.
The Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) is warning consumers about possible phishing attempts in the wake of the Heartbleed bug – a critical security vulnerability that has put many systems at risk.
“Con artists often take advantage of hot topics in the news,” said DFI Commissioner Charles Vice. “Consumers will become prime targets for phishing attempts to change passwords or account information. Protect against phishing by avoiding links in emails you did not request and dealing only with websites and companies you trust.”

(04-15-2014) News

Governor Signs Bill Banning Sale of E-Cigarettes to Kids

Calling the measure a big win for efforts to reduce tobacco use in the state and particularly among young people, Gov. Steve Beshear signed Senate Bill 109 into law, banning the sale of all types of e-cigarettes to minors.
The Governor specifically urged legislators to pass this bill during his State of the Commonwealth in January, and identified this effort as a key part of his legislative agenda.

(04-10-2014) News

Ricky Romans: Number #1 on the Ballot

Just checking in with the Great People of Morgantown and Butler County. I've been out campaigning very hard, as well as my family, friends, and supporters,  and enjoy seeing all of you!  I've been all over the County putting up signs and seeing people and asking for their vote!!  If I don't see you personally, I'm asking you now for your Vote and Support!!  Remember, that it's really difficult to see everyone by myself since I work a full time job, and if elected, the Butler County Jail will be my Full Time Job!!

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Growing and Cooking with Herbs

We all want to eat food that tastes good. One of the most common ways we tend to make food taste good is by adding salt. Unfortunately, most American diets are too high in sodium. Diets high in sodium can raise blood pressure, which can lead to many major health issues including heart disease. Herbs provide a great way for us to limit our sodium intake while still consuming flavorful foods.
Herbs are also some of the easiest things to grow. The simplest way to start an herb garden is to buy plants and transfer them to a window box. Soon, farmers markets and garden centers will have plants on hand.

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Governor’s Safety and Health Award

Secretary Larry L. Roberts of the Kentucky Labor Cabinet joined employees and officials in Henderson today to honor Big Rivers’ Electric Energy Transmission and Substation (ET&S) employees with the Governor’s Safety and Health Award. The honor recognizes the facility for working 250,000 hours without a lost-time accident or illness.

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2014 Kentucky Official Highway Map now available

Celebrates unique features that prove 'There's Only One' Kentucky

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Car Crashes into Don Lindsey's Grocery

Above: Scene from the outside



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