Banned From the Public Park

This video talks about the city of Morgantown Kentucky banning citizens from the public park without a court order

(09-05-2014) News

KYTC Minute

A new school year is underway in Kentucky, and that means it’s time for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s annual Adopt-a-Highway Poster Contest. The poster contest emphasizes and promotes the importance of removing litter from Kentucky’s roadways – and encouraging people not to litter. Students from across the Commonwealth are invited to submit their original poster art. The contest is open to all Kentucky students from elementary to high school. 

(09-03-2014) News

Band Boosters Hold Pork Loin Lunch

Band Boosters hold Pork Loin Lunch at PBI Bank parkinglot.

(09-01-2014) News

I-65 widening project wins regional transportation award

A project that increased traffic capacity, improved safety and reduced congestion along a major artery in southcentral Kentucky has been recognized with a regional transportation award for coming in under budget.
The Interstate 65 widening project in Barren County increased a 5-mile stretch from four lanes to six lanes and reconstructed the Exit 53 interchange. The project was delivered for about $41 million – about $2.6 million under the contract amount – earning an award in the “Under Budget – Medium” category in the Southeast Regional competition of the America’s Transportation Awards program.

(08-27-2014) News

Uncensored with Casey Turci and Special Guest David Fields

Judge Executive David Fields discusses the lawsuit pertaining to the old dump.

(08-23-2014) News

Uncensored with Casey Turci - McConnell Visits Morgantown

Mitch McConnell defends his position on coal despite his wife sitting on the board of directors of...

(08-22-2014) News

Governor Beshear Commentary

Governor Beshear's commentary on the broadband update.

(08-22-) News

Seeking Next-Generation Student Council Applicants

(08-20-2014) News

Farm Bill Allows Early Termination for Certain CRP Contracts

(09-05-2014) News

This Week in SOKY Indy Drug Awareness: Shrooms

It's called the Psilocybin mushroom, but most people call the drug shrooms.  Though not quite as potent as LSD, the hallucinogenic effect of consuming this mushroom can be quite severe, and in some unfortunate cases it can be fatal.  Psilocybin is the chemical that acts as the active ingredient in a “trip”, and scientists now know that when under the effect of this drug, the regions of the brain linked to memory and emotion are hyper-stimulated.  This is why people who use the drug have such profoundly emotional experiences.  Shrooms also decrease stimulation to the parts of the brain that are linked with a person's ego, this forces the user to behave and think very differently about themselves and others. 

(09-03-2014) News

On the Road "Corvette Caravan"

Hilights and interviews from the Corvette Caravan.

(09-01-2014) News

Kentucky Jumps 45 Places in National Entrepreneur Ranking

After being near the bottom a year ago, Kentucky’s entrepreneurial climate is now one of the best in the nation.
Governor Steve Beshear announced the annual State Entrepreneurship Index (SEI) ranked Kentucky fourth in the country for its ability to create businesses. The Commonwealth climbed 45 places from its ranking of 49th last year.
“Small businesses are the backbone of our economy,” said Gov. Beshear. “Over the past several years, this administration has focused on developing innovative programs and offering dynamic services to help these growing companies every step of the way. Even though this is a significant jump, I’m not surprised we’re producing great results. Kentucky is a tremendous place to grow a business.”

(08-24-2014) News

This Week in SOKY Indy Drug Awareness: LSD


It is difficult to describe the drug known as LSD without the use of highly technical language used in the medical field, but it becomes easier with a working understanding of its history.  LSD is one of the most common drugs associated with the hipster movement of the late sixties and seventies.  The drug Lysergic Acid Diethylamide is harvested from fungus that grows on wheat plants such as rye. According to an article written by one of the foremost medical minds in early American Psychiatry, Dr. Roy Grinker, LSD was originally designed to essentially loosen the mental barriers and defenses that were at the time thought to be preventing a psychotic patient from receiving logical insight.

(08-22-2014) News

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet eager to ĎAdoptí your studentís ideas

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) today announced the beginning of the 2014 Adopt-a-Highway Poster Contest.
Students across the Commonwealth are invited to submit creative works for use in the Adopt-a-Highway calendar for 2015. The contest is open to all Kentucky students of elementary, middle and high school age.

(08-22-2014) News

Traffic Impact Report for August 25 through August 29

The expected traffic impacts for August 25 through August 29. All work is subject to change.
Butler County
·       US 231, MP 9-11- On Monday, the contractor will continue work as part of the U.S. 231 widening project.  Throughout the project there may be multiple lane closures with flaggers in place from 8 a.m. -5:00 p.m.  Both lanes of traffic have been switched onto a portion of the newly constructed roadway.  Motorists are encouraged to stay off of their phones and be aware of new traffic patterns.  During morning and afternoon rush hours the delay may be up to 10 minutes.

(08-21-2014) News

Uncensored with Casey Turci - Recap

(08-17-2014) News

Uncensored with Casey Turci: Sign Ordinance Fail



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